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About Us

Our start


Welcome to BOBO Bento Box. We believe in nutritional balanced and fresh meals. Our goal is to provide you with your daily nutrient needs in our compact bento boxes. We hope our balanced meals could save some time for you in your busy daily commute. Not only take away your hustle in the kitchen but also provide your body with more healthy goods.


We are dedicated to bringing the best quality Bento Box to you. We are located inside of Cityplace, and we serve our community with love and genuine. 

Our story


Our bento boxes are made from scratch whenever you order it. Each box serves with your choice of protein, veggies, and sauces. It also contains authentic Japanese white rice, three seasonal picked sides, and one chef's choice salad. You will never get bored with our variety of combinations. 

  • Our veggies are freshly picked every day from the local market straight to your box. We use the best quality proteins to add rewards to your busy life at an affordable price.

  • Our rice is picked by our chef to provide you with an authentic Japanese Bento box experience, and we promise you will notice the difference when you eat it. 

  • Our sauces are house-made with love and innovation.

  • Our small bites could serve you different options of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean-styled street snacks.


Our promise

Fresh and nutrients are our dedication. 

We promise you:

Every Bento box we serve is quality guaranteed, the ingredients are from local sources.

We will serve our community and our customer with the best we can provide. We value your feedback in order to keep us motivated!


------ Turbo the Corgi, Owner, and Founder of BOBO Bento Box   

Meet Our Team


Owner and Founder


As owner and founder of  BOBO Group, Turbo instructed his hoomen to serve you the promised bento box. He often chills at home and spy on the employees with his security camera systems. 


Chief Security Officer 


Kirby is a country girl moves from Oklahoma, US to Toronto. Adapting urban life pretty well, loves Cityplace and live by her own code. Don't mess with her.

"Wooooof, Wooof, Woooooooof, Woof. " --- Kirby

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